The Hoh River

The Hoh (hoe) River has become my favorite river on the Olympic Peninsula to fish for Steelhead.  The size and aggressiveness of the fish make for great fishing experiences.  Although we are allowed by the state to keep one wild fish a year we practice only catch and release on these rivers.  This is too much of a precious resource to put in the freezer.  Although it is not uncommon to find a hatchery fish in the Hoh the main target is the Wild Winter Steelhead.  Just like the Sol Duc, these fish start to show up in late February with the bulk of the run coming through in March.  Although this river is susceptible to heavy rains and making it un-fishable I will try an take as many people to this river as I can.  The chance for success is much greater on this river and it is an easier river to fish for most people.  Both the single hand rod and the Spey rod can be used on this river effectively, unlike a few of the others on the O.P.     

Days on the Hoh will start in Forks, WA at about 8:00 a.m.  From there we will depart to the takeout.  Because of ferry schedules it is best to stay in Forks the night before if you attempt to come the day of the trip you will not be into Forks until about 10:00 at the earliest cutting your fishing day short.  There are plenty of places to stay in Forks and I also offer a discount for people who want to get the best fishing experience on their full day of fishing by offering a half day/full day deal.  This allows us to get the nitty grittys of catching a Steelhead on a swung fly, and learning how to read the water out of the way allowing us to just fish on our long day.  

For more information on a trip down the Hoh or for rates please contact

What To Bring:

  • Fly Rod (optional):  Two Handed or Single 8 wt or greater

  • Line (optional):  Multi-Tip

  • License:  Required, 3day or year long also needed is a Steelhead Tag

  • Note on Temperature:  We are fishing in the North West during the Spring temperatures range from 32 degrees to 63 degrees on average, staying warm will truly enhance your fishing experience. 

  • Rain Jacket:  Required.  Wading style jacket preferred but any thing that can handle lots of water will work.  Lots of water is and understatement on the coast the most important part of your equipment here is a good rain coat

  • Gloves:  Fingerless and preferably wool or poly

  • Bean Cover:  Warm hats will keep your melon warm. 

  • Waders:  Gortex or Neoprene, both work

  • Boots: Felt bottomed wading boots can also be corker style.  No Lugs.  We're wading. 

  • Sunglasses (optional):  Polarized Preferred

  • Sweaters, Long Johns, Fleece pants, and at least 2 pairs of warm socksNO Cotton as it will end up getting wet and ruin your day of fishing. 

If you are in need of any of this stuff please visit Pacific Fly Fishers Mike or Ben know exactly what you need to stay warm and comfortable for your day on the river.  I work closely with these two and if you let them know that it is for a trip with me you can receive a discount on certain items.  Also for your convenience, if you cannot make it to the store before the trip to pick up equipment ordered I will be able to pick it up and have it for you on the day of fishing. 



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